Podcasts Policy

SocioMee and its services mentioned below are delivered to you by a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

There are different terms and conditions introduced for creators, and you shall follow them to be away from any disturbance. We additionally constitute a legally bound agreement between You (“ you”) and SocioMee (“The Company”). The agreement contains all that information that ensures you can access the SocioMee (“ The Company”) services and our related services.

Also, clicking the checkbox will state that you agree to our agreement and comply with all the amendments. If you decide on the terms and conditions on behalf of our legal entity, then you represent the warrant that you bind to such entity and about our terms.
If you do not have the authority, you will no longer be able to use our services. And if you avoid any rules (by not following the terms), you will be punished against the law defined by us.

Acceptable Use of the Service – (“Terms For Use of Service”)

  • Cookies

    To quickly improve the responsiveness of the website for the users, we may use “cookies” or even “different tools” to gather data to assign each vacationer a unique, random range as a user identification (user id) to apprehend the user’s man or woman pursuits using the identified computer.

  • Log file details

    Our web server automatically collects the information (the limited information) about your computer connected to the web, includes IP address and the time when you visit our site. Your IP deals with a range of that shall we computers connected to the internet understand wherein to ship you facts — consisting of the internet pages you view.

  • Clear GIFs 

    You may also use the clear GIF to track the online usage pattern of our users anonymously, without individually figuring out the user. We may also use clear GIFs in html-primarily based emails sent to our users to music which emails are opened using recipients. 

    We use these records to inter-alia deliver our internet pages to you upon request, to tailor our site to the interests of our users, to degree site visitors within our website, to improve the web page’s first-class capability and interactivity and permit advertisers to know the geographic places from where our site visitors come.

  • Information from another source

    We may also receive information of yours from other resources. Later we add it to our account and then treat it by the policy. If you provide information to the platform issuer or other associate, to whom we provide services, your account statistics and order facts can be exceeded. 

    We may achieve up-to-date touch records from third parties if you want to correct our records and fulfill the offerings or to communicate with you

  • Demographic and other source information

    We may also reference other sources of demographic and also other information to deliver you more targeted promotion and communication as well. We may also make use of analytics to keep track of all records. 

  • Linked to the third party

    We may also include sites from other platforms, and the respective privacy policies govern such sites; they are beyond our control.

SocioMee Privacy Policy

1. The Services

SocioMee shall make available all the services along with the associated information as set out in our terms. You must agree to all our terms and conditions and obey them to use our services.

2. Your Account

You need to own an account with SocioMee to undertake all desired services available with us. This will be your sole account and will not be transferred to anyone else. You warrant that all the content is original and does not belong to any other. Further, you must provide us with authentic information to make us aware that you are not fake. We might do the verification and, based on that, approve or disapprove your account.

  • Once your account is created, your account credentials are secured with us. Further, you will be solely responsible for what you share and carry out in your account. SocioMee will not be liable for the loss of any data incurred by you.
  • You must be at least 13 years or above, be authorized to enter into the agreement and accept to be bound by the terms to use the services.
  • Subject to your compliance with our terms and conditions, we deliver you limited, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-transferable rights. You must ensure to follow all rights mentioned within our agreement, and going beyond can make you fall into trouble.

Also, you agree with SocioMee services at the time. 

  • When you are reproducing, distributing, preparing derivative works of, translating, reselling, performing, displaying, or granting access by any third party.
  • Taking action to alter or download the number of publications measured by the platform.
  • You are submitting any content or data that contains mass mailing or any form of spam.
  • Distribute viruses or any other malware that may harm SocioMee or even the interest of any other users connected with us.
  • Make use of any robot or data extraction tool concerning the services.
  • Sharing your account access that could mislead and in that case, you will be solely responsible for violating the platform rules.
  • Use the services that comply with the terms and any amendment, applicable law and the European community guidelines.

3. Ownership & Rights

SocioMee will remain the sole owners of the platform and the services delivered. If you do not obey any rules, in that case, you might come under the punishable act. 

As between You (“ you”) and SocioMee (“The Company”), all your Podcaster content is owned and controlled by You.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by You and SocioMee. Further, we do not claim any ownership rights or responsibility for your Podcaster content. 

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for publishing your content. You will not post any content, distribute it or make any changes if you do not own it. If you are caught doing such illegal activities, you will come under the amendments made by the European community guidelines.

Any authorized content uses copyright-protected material with Podcaster content by including the reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, and public display independent of whether it is charged at a later point. 

SocioMee reserves the right to remove any Podcaster content that violates the terms, community guidelines, or applicable law. 

By uploading podcaster content, you at this moment grants access to SocioMee an exclusive, sub-licensable, irrevocable, fully paid, royalty-free, worldwide license to host, use, copy, digitally transcode, promotional purposes, monetize and otherwise make your Podcaster content available to the end users and the third party via downloading or streaming during the terms of the agreement.

By uploading a podcast, you agree that SocioMee shall have the right to use any cover art for marketing and promotional purposes.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Means unregistered and registered intellectual belongings rights of whatsoever nature throughout the sector, inclusive of, however not restricted to, copyrights, designs, domains, exchange names, emblems, whether or not registered or earned, and patents, whether pending or authorized and programs and rights to apply for the same.

How to access your details

5.Intellectual Property Rights

  • Platform

It means SocioMee delivers the platform at its sole discretion and, from time to time to make it available on the platform.

  • Platform service

The method includes any publications, related information, metadata, files, audio files, attachments, textual content, images, industrial messages (consisting of commercials and sponsorships) and different content which you add or submit (or that is uploaded or submitted using your account) to the platform.

  • Podcasters content

This includes all the information related to Publications, related data, metadata, files, audio files, attachments, text, images, and commercial messages.

  • Renewal date

This means the date, time, and subscription to the platform services shall be or not be renewed as per the choice.

  • The services

Shall use the services and all associated information and content material therein, as set out in these terms. 

SocioMee shall use commercially reasonable efforts to make the offerings to be had 24 hours a day, and 12/year, except for scheduled and unscheduled protection.

To use the services, you must get an internet entry. 

We aren’t always chargeable for any carrier charges related to such access, and neither are we liable for any expenses or device essential with a purpose to make such connection to the net or be able to use the offerings.

  • Subscription plan

We deliver our services on a subscription basis which requires payment to cast with SocioMee on an interval basis. We are segregated into plans that contain different prices and associated services. You are required to make payment on the commencement of the plan you signed up for, and you are required to maintain payment of your subscription fees up to date. 

Failure to make the total price of your subscription charges may also bring about the suspension of offerings to you until such arrears are cleared, and repeated lapses in charge may additionally bring about a whole termination of your account, which can also bring about the deleting of your content.

6. Accessing And Updating Personal Information

When using the SocioMee podcast service, we ensure to deliver the best benefits. With get entry to for your data and shall further make sure that any personal records or touchy private information or data located to be inaccurate or poor will be corrected or amended as feasible, situation to any requirement for such personal information or sensitive non-public statistics or data to be retained with the aid of law or for legitimate business purposes 

We also ask individual users to identify themselves and the information to be accessed,  corrected or removed before processing such requests. Additionally, we may also decline requests that are unreasonable or not authentic.

7.Changes To The Terms

SocioMee reserves the right to change, modify, correct, develop, or discontinue the platform that can be permanent or temporary without any prior notice anytime we want to. 

In case of permanent discontinuation of the account, we will ensure you 

Thirty days before to retain your account. Further, we can discontinue as per the law and the agreement within our community guidelines.

SocioMee does revise these terms and conditions from time to time as per sole discretion. Whenever there are any new terms, you will get a notice regarding its update. So you can undergo all of those to follow and work accordingly. 

8. Representation And Warranties

For every piece of the podcast you submit, you represent and warrant that you have all rights and reservations against it. In this case, you have the right to use and possess all licenses, consents and permissions necessary to submit the Podcaster content with SocioMee.

Further, you must remember that you do not attempt to infringe upon any third-party rights, including any Intellectual property rights or privacy policy, and will comply with all applicable laws.

9. Security Of Information

We take appropriate security measures to protect your data against unauthorized alteration and destruction of data. Those encompass internal evaluations of our information series, storage and processing practices and safety features, which include suitable encryption and bodily safety features to shield against unauthorized admission to structures wherein we keep personal statistics.

But the web is an ever-evolving medium. We may additionally change our privacy policy from time to time to incorporate essential destiny modifications. 

We use third-party and marketing groups to serve ads when you visit or use our website, cell software or offerings. Those systems may also use records (now not inclusive of your name, cope with, electronic mail deal with or smartphone variety) approximately your visits or use to specific websites, mobile utility or offerings, that allows you to offer commercials about items and services of interest to you.

10. Guarantee Disclaimer

Other than as expressly said in this agreement or as required using the law, the service is furnished “as is,” and SocioMee constrained does not make any specific commitments or warranties approximately the service. We will make reasonable attempts to ensure that the platform is available for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Further, you acknowledge and agree that the changes may be inaccessible from time to time. SocioMee uses commercially reasonable endeavors to ensure that the utilization of facts to your publication(s), which includes but is now not restricted to a wide variety of listens and demographic facts furnished to you via the platform, is correct. However, a cast makes no guarantee that such insights information is mistakes-unfastened.

To the wholly legally permissible, in no event shall socioMee be accountable for any damages by any means consisting of, however no longer confined to, direct or oblique damages of any kind (along with without dilemma, lack of goodwill, profits or records and business interruption) bobbing up hereunder, due to or arising out of the services, your use or incapacity to use the offerings or failure of the platform and the platform services to carry out as represented or anticipated.

 In no event shall a cast overall legal responsibility exceed a quantity similar to the subscription plan prices paid using you during the (12) months previous to the occasion giving upward thrust in your claim for repayment hereunder.

11. Governing Law And Disputes

Therefore, any claim relating to the platform or the use will be governed by or interpreted by the European community guidelines. You shall obey all of the laws to be away from any fringes between You (“ you”) and SocioMee (“The Company”). 

Any dispute or controversies/claim arising or in connection with this agreement, breach, termination or invalidity, therefore, shall be finally settled by the court of Europe, Copenhagen, unless otherwise required under the local consumer legislation. 

12. Data retention policy

Your data is safe with us until you undertake our valuable services. However, if you do not want to use our Podcast services, we no longer use or access your data. If you no longer want us to use your details, you can email us the desired service. In this manner, we will permanently delete all your saved data with us and delete your account.

Further, personal information containing email, phone number and name will be retained as part of SSO login and can be retained as part of SSO functionality. It might be the case where we may retain your personal information for business legitimate interest. In that case, if we suspend your Podcast account regarding any activity suspected of fraud, we can retain your information to get started with new. We may retain and use your information to comply with our obligations.

Further, some copies of your personal information may remain in our database. Due to the way we hold certain services after you delete your information, residual copies might also take a period earlier than they may be deleted from our lively servers and may stay in our backup structures. Your request will be processed, and you may get a hold of the affirmation of the equal through email.

Note– This will only perform a deletion of the information collected by Podcast and even disable your SSO information by us. When we delete your information, you will also have to perform the step to delete the information available to the SocioMee Podcast account.

Further, if you have multiple accounts, you will have to raise a separate request to make any changes in the respective account (along with your email ID and contact details). In this manner, we can help you raise your request and help you in various ways.

13.Restriction of processing and withdrawal consent

For withdrawing your consent at the time of your services or even after you need to request a definite email to us. You must share your complete requirement so that we can review your email and process in the same manner. The verification will withdraw the consent you requested, and we shall stop the further processing of the information.

14.Object to processing of data

When you notice that your data is being processed for direct marketing, you have the right to cease further processing, and this can be done by sending us an email.

But here, you must note that if you do not allow us to collect your personal information or data, you can remain deprived of obtaining some necessary features, or we will not be able to send the notification directed by us.

15.Processing of the request

If you are requesting any requirement, you must ensure a waiting time of around 30 days to complete your request. However, it might take or extend to 60 days depending upon the nature of the request.

Made to us.

To follow the process, we first make an individual identify themselves so that we can know that the information mentioned to us is correct. In this manner, we can also complete the entire verification process. We may also decline the request if it is found illegal or unauthentic to be processed. 


In case of any grievance or complaint, you can reach our officers. You have full right to complain about the data processing activities carried out by the SocioMee Podcast before the competent data protection authorities.

17.Children’s privacy -

SocioMee Podcast is not aimed at targeting children who are under the age of 18. It might be the case where your children must have tried to create another account without your consent. So, in that case, you can request us to delete or retain the account by verifying your identity. On the other hand, we recommend that children below 18 operate the account.

Children below the age of 18 must use the services of the SocioMee podcast under the supervision of their parents.

However, we urge parents to monitor their children’s use of the SocioMee podcast and make it available to them as per their consent. However, we do not consider collecting information on children under 18.

18.Data transfer and storage

We cooperate globally and may transfer your information to the other area where SocioMee operates. But do ensure to manage and take care of the security and safety of the data (your entire information saved with us). Moreover, while the usage of or disclosing non-public statistics transferred from the EU union, we use widespread contractual clauses authorized by way of the eu fee, undertake another way underneath EU union regulation to ensure good enough safeguards.

19.Safety measures

We take appropriate security measures to defend against unauthorized admission to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of your information. This mainly includes personal reviews of the data, storage and processing measures, internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices, security measures, appropriate encryption and physical security measures.

Further, all of the information stored within SocioMee Podcast is in encrypted form, and they are safe. The database is stored in server password protection. In this manner, we can help you to safeguard all of your information with us in a protected manner.

20.Update and changes

Our privacy policy is subject to change from time to time. So you need to keep up with our data and information so that if there are any changes can be monitored easily. We reserve all right at our sole discretion to modify the terms of the policy from time to time to ensure complete compliance. 

We will no longer be obligated to inform you of any changes to this privacy policy except if the adjustments made to the policy significantly influence your rights or as may be required by law. You shall be entirely accountable for reviewing the privacy policy once in a while for any changes. With the aid of continuing to use Podcast after the updated phrases had been posted, you verify your settlement to the up-to-date phrases.

21.SocioMee Podcast T&C And Privacy Policy

We have updated our terms of services and Privacy policy

  • I agree to SocioMee Podcast Policy (above the age of 18) Terms & Conditions, Privacy and policy
  • I agree to share my data with SocioMee Podcast to get personalized services.
  • I agree to the Podcast login policy. Terms and conditions.
  • I agree to use my data to show me the personalized ads.


22.Contact Information

We take utmost care to protect your data, simultaneously we want you to follow agreements specifically made for You (” you”) and SocioMee (”The Company”). If you have any complains, questions or suggestions about SocioMee and its services, please contact us by email using support info@sociomee.com