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There are different and ideal guides to create and perfect your social media calendar. As a social sharing app, we have found that different brands are uplifting the benefits of social media calendars, but some are still lacking to undertake it. Well, we are sure that every brand wants to scale its presence and, in turn, revenue. But to undertake the profits, your planning towards sharing content should be strong. This is where the role of the social media calendar comes into play.
A social media calendar can help you visualize your planned posts for the coming week or the month ahead. But on top of that, it will assist you in crafting your post in advance so that you will have your content ready to share in the future. In this way, you will have hassle-free branding and be able to share content with audiences all across the globe.
In simple terms, the social media calendar works as a lifesaver for all social media marketers. Hence, here we will help you to know the ideal guide to create and perfect your social media calendar

  1. What is a social media calendar?

SocioMee social media calendar
As we have stated above, the social media calendar is the overview of the upcoming social channel post and is organized with a date/time to post. It can be prepared in the form of a spreadsheet, Google calendar, or interactive dashboard (in the case of using any social media tool). On the other side, there are different elements with which social media calendar comes and those are:
  • Type of content that will be posted along with the caption.
  • Distribution channels.
  • Links and tags to be included.
  • The date and time.
Combining all of the above elements makes it easier to plan your social media post and share it to increase brand presence and engagement. Now, if you are looking to plan your content or find ways, how easily can you begin? Here we are helping you to undertake a complete guide to planning your social media calendar.

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  1. Start preparing your social media calendar

Start preparing your social media calendar
Beginning with a social media calendar requires you to take different steps. But what are all those? Being a new social media app we will help you to explore different ways through which you can easily plan your content and share them on time. In this way, it becomes quite easier to help your brand grow by sharing information with potential users and, in turn, increases engagement. Hence, let us begin with the preparation of a social media calendar.

Step 1- Plan categories

It is very important to plan different categories (the type of post) you want to share with your audience. Also, it is found to be helpful because choosing different categories can help the audience to know more about your business, and it becomes easier for them to connect with your brand easily. Hence it is guided to share different types of posts like- blogs, quotes, tips, images, videos, promotions, events, announcements, reshare content, etc.

It is always guided to share different types of content so that audiences do not get bored. This means if you will share old content or it is not informative, then you will not be able to attain a huge customer base. Hence, plan out different categories to increase your brand visibility and help the audience engage with your brand.

Step 2- Placement of category

Once you have planned your categories now it is the time to decide when you would like to share them. By this, we mean the date, time and day. It is because there are different time slots to share posts to increase your brand engagement. Often brands plan out different posts and share them with the audience but fail to achieve engagement. Do you know what is the one reason behind this? It is the timings that brands do not consider as there is the optimum time to schedule posts and this makes brands increase engagement.

Hence, the best morning time to post is 9 a.m. or 10 a.m, best days to post are Tuesdays through Thursdays. Do not try to post any content on weekends as you will not be able to get the engagement as per your requirement.

Step 3- Update yourself with the latest updates

One of the best steps when planning your social media calendar is to update yourself with the latest updates. In this case, try to connect yourself with the latest industry news and what you can plan with all categories (by keeping the latest updates in mind). This will help your audience to know the latest news and keep themselves updated through your channel.

Step 4- Share events

Along with the regular post, you will have many events to include in your social media calendar. It will be good to plan ahead of all events so that you do not miss sharing any events. By this, we mean you can plan for- :
  • Holidays
  • Announcements
  • Meetups
  • Launch of products
In this way, it can create excitement among the audience and also help your calendar get a mixture of content ideas. Hence we will here suggest you plan all of those events in advance so that you do not miss them or mess up things in the end. As the best social media app, with us, you can easily share your planned posts and events to reach audiences all across the globe. We give you the zone through which it becomes easier to make your brand shine and in turn help to gain desired revenue to accomplish your brand future goals.

redibility comes by taking care of your brand responsibility (what are you offering, about your customer support). But if you are not aware properly of what steps need to be taken to build brand credibility then here are some of those:

  1. Different types of calendars

Different types of calendars
There are different ways through which you can plan your social media calendar and this is dependent upon your preferences or your requirements.

Step- 1 Weekly view

The weekly or daily view will help you to know where the bulk of your work will go. This means it will help you to know the posting schedule very easily. Hence you are always advised to plan everything so there is no confusion or disturbance at the last moment. It is always recommended to do it as early as possible, so if you plan to create a social media calendar, then always ensure to plan ahead of weeks or months.

Step- 2 Monthly view

Creating a monthly social media posting plan will help you visualize if you are not missing anything, as there are different events, announcements, or other news along with your content. So once you have planned your monthly calendar, it becomes easier to keep track of if you are missing anything, which can be updated.

One of the other advantages is that once you have prepared social media content, you will remain free from preparing it daily. Brands often prepare content daily, and if busy, the respected day post misses out. Hence monthly views will help you to get sorted with your social media calendar.

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  1. What is a social media calendar?

Frame 2541 Outline
Planning what to post, how to post, and when to post is one of the important steps of the social media calendar. This means formatting your calendar is a necessity as it clarifies everything at the time of posting content. This means when you have everything settled; then you take less time to post. Therefore some of the other information you need to consider are date, time, text, and multimedia links. If your post contains all of this information, then all you need is to copy content from the calendar and paste it to the social channels.

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  1. Track performance of your post

Track performance of your post

Preparing social media content and posting it to all social channels is necessary, but if you think your work is over, it is not. By this, we mean once you have shared a post, your next important step is to track the performance of your posts. To make this happen easily, Google Analytics is one of the desired tools that will assist you in knowing the overall performance of your shared posts.

It drives out the traffic generated, which content is most popular, and generates more leads. Therefore, it is essential to track your post’s performance so that you get to know if any improvements need to be made

  1. Different templates of social media calendar

Different templates of social media calendar

Preparing a social media calendar is known as one of the proven steps for brand engagement. Therefore rather than creating content daily, it is recommended to prepare it in advance. In this way, it saves time and also delivers optimum results.

But if you are not looking to create it from scratch, there are different templates you can take assistance from, like- Hootsuite, Hubspot, Solo PR Pro, and LocalVox.Creating a social media calendar will help you to save time and help you to enroll in other important things. Brands nowadays are opting for this particular step to either plan their social media content for weeks or every month. It has been a vital step for businesses and helps to keep track of every post’s details in one place.

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  1. Tools to create social media calendar

Tools to create social media calendar
If you are stuck or unable to find a way to create a social media calendar, you do not have to worry about it. It is because different tools can help you create social media calendars easily. Let us help you to take a closer look-

7.1 Excel

One of the most likely tools to create a social media calendar and also the first choice among individuals. The main reason behind its selection is that it is versatile and helps people work easily and without difficulties. Hence, if you want to create a social media calendar from scratch, then excel can easily help you segregate your post types, content, date, and time.

7.2 Trello

To organize your task, Trello is yet another great way to plan your content. It helps to organize tasks into the visual workflow to manage and operate your project in one place. Many businesses are using Trello as it is found to be helpful.

You can add tasks, schedule content, or pinpoint your necessary comments.
In this way, you will be at ease to understand or get clarity about what needs to be done and when. In addition to this, it helps you to assign people to cards.

7.3 Google calendar

Another great tool that already comes in the form of a calendar. It helps you to select different colors so that you can highlight everything easily. It is proven to be a great tool for people to prepare social media calendars.

You can even set reminders of something you do not want to forget to share with your audience. Hence once you have created the entire week or month calendar, the next step you can take is to enhance it with color and reminders and segregate it within social channels.


Preparing a social media calendar is one of the easiest ways to plan/organize content in one place. It keeps the brand to remain hassle-free and crafts its posts in advance. Since social media is known as the best marketing approach, if you are not consistent or do not plan, then it will not make a difference.

Hence, preparing a social media calendar can help you be ahead with your social post and keep track of your post-performance Being a modern social community app we help common users and professionals to take advantage to scale their presence. But all you need is to withstand the right approach, and it becomes easier to reach desired goals.

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