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Introducing an excellent network with the ultimate features to diversify your lives. Here, you can join the fastest growing networks that authentically allows you to showcase your real talent, simplest way to establish your business digitally and an easier way to connect with the world.

Communicate via Messages, Go-live, Posts, and Shotz, Tops & Trends, Social Feed, Ad- Manager, Podcast this means you have something extraordinary to explore near you. You can join us to meet new people, make friends, join groups of your interest and many more.

SocioMee indigenously supports blockchain based technology to provide you a
comprehensive set of benefits at single point.

SocioMee is a platform where people can share traits, mutual interests, and values.

Why SocioMee?

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Blockchain powered community

A blockchain powered social community where an individual can represent ownership of their unique assets.

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Real value for digital content

Users can establish real value for digital content by creating and enforcing profits.

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By monetizing the social platform we provide a platform to trade videos, reels, images, gifs and other social media content.

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Roll out the NFT world

Take out time from your busy schedules and roll out the NFT world as we are here to monetize your profile.

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Gain Profits

A perfect place for creators to win guaranteed royalty every time the NFT is sold just after the initial state.

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Kid’s Safe

A well-organised socially moduled platform uniquely designed to connect with the educational environment. Glorified as the best social media platform completely safe for kids.

Our Brand Value


Firmly tackle all barriers and open the door for all individuals to be a part of tremendous change.

Rapid growth

We tend to serve a medium where users will have the opportunity for rapid development individually and professionally.


Skilled and proficient in every step to introduce a revolutionary channel.


Scaling a level of the social channel to make it advance beyond expectations.


We believe in delivering high quality services as per the commitment.


A place for all right from common users to professionals.

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