Community standards are a set of rules, expectations, and guidelines set out to create a safe and productive environment for all users of a given platform. They define what people can and cannot do or say on the app, including guidance on respectful behavior and appropriate language. 

Ultimately, they are designed to promote a positive environment for making connections, finding resources, and sharing information. Examples of community standards could include but not be limited to: keeping content respectful and civil, following copyright laws, being mindful of others’ privacy, and respecting different opinions.

Features of SocioMee

Features of SocioMee

SocioMee is the social community app which makes it easy for users to collaborate with each other and create meaningful content. Users can easily upload, organize, and curate content with SocioMee’s intuitive content management system. SocioMee maintains a high level of security and privacy for users, with end-to-end encryption for all data.

How do people use sociomee?

Sociomee Messenger is a messaging app that lets people send and receive messages, images, videos and more. People use Sociomee Messenger to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues and to collaborate on projects. It also allows people to share updates, events and news with their network.

To report online abuse, you can contact the social media platform or website where the abuse has occurred and provide the necessary evidence or details. Depending on the platform, they may provide a specific form to report the abuse or provide contact details to their customer service team. When asking for content to be removed, you can contact the individual who posted the content and ask them to delete it.

Alternatively, you can also contact the social media platform and make a request for the content to be taken down. To block someone, you can typically find a “block” or “privacy” settings option on the platform and use it to bar the user from being able to access your account, posts, or messaging you.

Our Rules and Regulation

  • User Accounts

All users must create an account in order to use the app, and must provide valid personal information such as an email address and a valid identification number. All users are required to use a unique username. Fake or offensive usernames will not be allowed and may be removed at any time.

  • Respect Others

All users must show respect for other users and their opinions. Any form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination is strictly prohibited and may result in the removal of the user’s account.

  • Posting Content

Users must not post any inappropriate, offensive, or illegal content. Content that may be deemed offensive or harmful to other users or the community must not be posted.

  • Language

Users must not use inappropriate language in the app. Swearing and other offensive language is not allowed and may result in the removal of the user’s account.

  • Privacy

Users must not post or share any personal or sensitive information about themselves or others.

  • Data Collection

Users must not attempt to collect any personal information from other users.

  • Activity Monitoring

The app may track and monitor user activity in order to maintain user safety and security.

  • Misconduct

Any attempt to use the app for malicious or fraudulent purposes will result in the immediate removal of the user from the app.

Help us keep the community strong

We all are an important part of the SocioMee community. If you think that you are violating then you can directly report us and help us to safeguard the condition. Since it is our duty to safeguard the community to which we are living in. Therein we have created the community guidelines so you can help us to foster and even protect this wonderful community.

By using SocioMee you agree to all of the guidelines and our terms of use. We are committed to all of our guidelines and we hope that you are too. Hence we want that you should not overstep the boundaries that may result in deleted content and we do not want your content to disappear from our community. 

However, in some cases we do allow content for public awareness (which would otherwise go against our community guidelines). Perhaps if it is newsworthy and also in the public interest.

  • Share photos and videos 

As always you will be the sole purpose to own the rights of your content. In this case, we want you to post the authentic content and not the one that can hinder anyone’s space or be a part of negativity. 

  • Post videos that are appropriate for diverse audience

It might be the case where sometimes you can come across negative videos or images. But it does not give you the right to share them more or to spread unwanted material. We want you to walk with authentication to live in a safe community. For this reason we do not allow nudity on SocioMee. We have all types of people and of all age groups and we do not violate any other feelings or deliver negative impact towards them.

  • Foster meaningful content

People joining SocioMee can help us to foster and deliver meaningful content. We want you to stay us spam free (not the fake followers, likes, comments, repetitive comments or content). Also do not offer any unwanted giveaways or money in exchange for likes of followers.

On the other hand if you do not want to use your real name that is perfectly fine with us. However, at the time of registration we will require your genuine gmail or relevant ID, your contact details and name for the maintenance of record or for any future use.

  • Must follow the law

SocioMee is on the mission to get started with the safe community. We do not support terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups or do not support sexual services (buying or selling firearms, alcohol, and tobacco products). If we find any such content then we own the right to delete content. We do send information regarding the content (to intimate you about the activity happening from your account). 

We want to follow the law in any condition – be it your followers, buying/selling or promoting any content. 

  • Respect other members

We want all community members to foster a positive environment. Hence we remove content that is not authentic or irrelevant. We believe that it is not OK to support violence, share unwanted messages or also harass people. It is either on the basis of their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation etc. 

  • Maintain our environment

SocioMee cares for each of its members and welcomes more to join or be a part of us.  We want everyone to come all together and educate each other in delivering or to live in a safe environment.  

  • Be thoughtful when posting

We know that the people joining SocioMee have some meaning- some are here to promote their business, some to themselves and achieve different goals. This means different age groups of people join our community and we do not want you to violate any rules. We all need to be thoughtful at the time of posting.  To maintain a respectful or safe environment for everyone we have maintained some community standards to serve as the moral compass for behavior on our platform. This indicates that the standards define what is acceptable within SocioMee community and marketplace (this can be either on face to face or also online mode). They are not tied up with any laws (but are used to govern the platform policies).  Further this does reflect our attitudes, expectations, and social norms.

Sometimes you may find content which you do not like- if this is happening you can also report the concerned person and also unfollow the account (the concerned person).

On the other hand many disputes can also be solved between the members of the community. If someone has posted something unusual then you can follow up the account to enable people remove the content. This way a safe and secured community can be developed.

Likely with our community all of these standards will continue to grow, evolve and also change. For more information, check out our Terms of Use.