This policy describes the facts that we process to guide. Our business is based on belief. The safety of personal data (data protection) is a matter of incredible importance to SocioMee. Consequently, we carefully make sure that we observe all applicable data protection legal guidelines and constantly try for even better ranges of facts protection.

Information and content you provide

We acquire the content, communications and other facts you offer while you operate our service, together with while you sign up for an account, create or share content data and communicate with others.

This could consist of facts in or about the content material which you provide, including the vicinity of a photograph or the date a document became created. It may additionally include what you spot via functions that we provide, together with our camera, so we will do matters together with suggested masks and filters which you might like, or come up with pointers on the use of digital camera formats.

Data with special protections

You can choose to provide the information in your SocioMee account or life events, about your religious views, political views, who you are.

Networks and connections

We acquire facts about the people, bills, hashtags, SocioMee groups and pages which you are connected to and the way you interact with them across our products, including humans you communicate with the most or companies that you are a part of.

Your usage

We gather data about how you operate our merchandise, consisting of the styles of content that you view or have interaction with, the functions you use, the actions you are taking, the humans or money owed you engage with and the time, frequency and duration of your activities. For example, we log when you are the usage of any feature remaining used in our products, and what posts, videos and different content you view on our products. We also collect records approximately how you operate features along with our camera.

Information about transactions made on our products

If you use our products for purchases or different monetary transactions (consisting of while you make a buy in a game or make a donation), we accumulate statistics approximately the purchase or transaction. This includes payment data, which include your credit or debit card wide variety and other card facts, other account and authentication statistics, and billing, delivery and speaking details.

Device information

As defined underneath, we acquire records from and about the computers, telephones, linked tvs and different internet-related devices you operate that combine with our merchandise, and we integrate these statistics throughout distinct gadgets which you use.

Information that we obtain from devices

  • Device attributes
  • Device operations
  • Identifiers
  • Device signals
  • Data from device settings
  • Network and connections
  • Cookie data

How do we use this information?

To create personalized products which can be particular and relevant to you, we use your connections, alternatives, pursuits and activities based on the statistics that we collect and study from you and others (including any data with special protections you select to offer); how you use and interact with our products; and the people, locations or things that you’re related to and interested in on and off our products.

Providing measurement, analytics and different commercial enterprise services. We use the statistics that we’ve got (along with your hobby off our merchandise, consisting of the web sites you go to and advertisements you spot) to assist advertisers and other partners measure the effectiveness and distribution in their advertisements and services, and understand the forms of folks who use their services and the way human beings interact with their websites, apps and services.

Promoting safety, integrity and protection. We use the data that we need to confirm accounts and activity, combat harmful behavior, hit upon and save you spam and different bad reports, hold the integrity of our products, and sell safety and protection.

Communicate with you, we use the facts that we must ship you advertising communications, talk with you about our merchandise and let you approximately recognise our policies and phrases.

How do we notify you of modifications to this policy?

We’ll notify you before we make changes to this policy and come up with the possibility to study the revised policy earlier than you select to maintain the use of our products.

How to contact us with questions?

If you have questions about this policy, you can contact us as described below.