A faster way to connect

A faster way to connect

One to one chatting

MsgMee offers perfect features when it comes to security highlights. As well as offering end-to-end encryption between users, MsgMee empowers clients to control how long the message keeps awake and how often the end-user can visualise the message.
One to one chatting | MsgMee

Real time video calling

With a real-time calling facility, users/professionals can easily enable group calling up to 8 members. Instantly connects with members on video calling with advanced video quality services. Businesses can easily go for group meetings with high-quality videos, quality voice control and also enhanced communication.

Real time video calling | MegMee

MsgMee Features

MsgMee comes up with a unique interface for community related groups. The app provides end-to-end encryption, HD voice & video calls, Sticker & GIF’s and many more.
MsgMee End To End Encryption Features

End To End Encryption

For the security of messages and calls, you can easily connect with people while maintaining your security. It helps to offer a data protection facility in the case of both businesses and for common users.

MsgMee Biz Page Chatting Features

Biz Page Chatting

A great opportunity for business owners to connect with their clients. It means businesses can easily reach their desired customers and drive profits while building brand presence.
MsgMee Auto Send Broadcast Features

Auto Send Broadcast Message

Grow your visibility and gain competitive benefits with our auto-send broadcast message facility. If you are a start-up/enterprise it is quite easier to send multiple messages in one go.

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Share messages, photos and videos with up to 256 people at one go along with the customization notification facility. In this case it becomes easier to schedule meetings of groups of people to discuss your business plan.
MsgMee Marketplace Chatting

Marketplace Chatting

Available for both buyers and sellers where both of them can easily keep track of all transactions and enable all desired facilities.
MsgMee Video calling

Video Calling

Connect with the advanced video calling facility where professionals can easily perform business meetings without disturbance and also connect with your loved ones.

Personalized auto send broadcast message

Enable bulk text message facility to multiple contacts at one go. In this way MsgMee helps businesses to build connections easily and gain visibility. When it comes to common users, if you want to send multiple messages then this is the desired platform.
Personalized auto send broadcast

A Social Community App

Integrated with different facilities for businesses and individuals.

Social Community App | MsgMee