7 Rules Of Social Media Automation

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Social media marketing is one of the prime steps when it comes to brand presence. However, at present time, every brand is moving ahead with different branding techniques.

“We all know the fact that social media is an exciting and dynamic environment with billions of potential prospects and marketers connected”

This makes social media one of the topmost strategies. It helps businesses to flourish, enhances their presence and also gains desired revenue.

Therefore to accomplish all of those there are different strategies and tools to complete the entire process.
But at times providing users with desired information about your product/services can be exhausting. It is there the role of social media automation comes into play.

It allows businesses to undertake social media in a systematic process and saves time.

But what exactly does social media automation deal with? What are its uses and its different rules?

Here we will help you to know everything about social media automation and its 7 golden rules.

1. Role Of Social Media Automation

Role Of Social Media Automation

A process of optimizing social interactions with the use of automated tools. When it comes to marketing we all know that there are different marketing processes, however if you get stuck to one step then it becomes hard to gain results.

For example – scheduling images, videos or republishing of articles.

It is where social media automation tools can easily help you to take out time for different marketing campaigns.

To help you more clearly and precisely, let us help you to explain with examples-

        a. Make use of chatbots to respond to user messages.
        b. Easily schedule social media post in advance.
        c. Get notification and revert easily.

There are different perks with which social media automation comes. It becomes easier to reach desired benefits and within less time.

As a Social community app, we assist businesses to uplift all these benefits with us easily.

In addition let us tell you what benefits social media automation techniques come with?

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2. Different Benefits Of Social Media Automation?

There are different social media marketing strategies that one can come up with. However to perform all of those are time-consuming and do not allow you to perform other marketing techniques.

Hence this is the reason why social media automation holds importance.
If you are on the way to performing different social media marketing techniques then here are some of the reasons to take advantage of.

2.1 Help with multiple platforms

Social media automation is proven to be beneficial when you are available on more than one platform.

Let us help you by giving you an example.

Suppose you are using multiple social media channels and you want to post different content then it becomes quite a hassle to post different content and also it is time-consuming.

Therefore when you are taking advantage of social media automation, you can easily schedule your post on different channels and also take advantage of it.

Automating can help you to keep track of different social media posts and also to distribute different content easily and in a manageable way.

2.2 Ensures consistency

If you are not posting or sharing relevant content on your social channels then they cannot trust you.

But do you want to grow your business in such a manner? Well, we do not think so. It is necessary to post a few posts in a month or week to maintain consistency about your brand and also to allow users to build trust easily.

With the help of social media automation, it becomes quite easier to schedule posts ahead of time and in this manner, you can easily save your time as well.

2.3 Help you to build a strong relationship

If you are spending more time manually posting social media content then it can take a lot of your time.

Hence it can be quite challenging for you to maintain/build strong customer relationship management.

It is mainly because posting does not mean just sharing content, it should be valuable, reach desired users and also help you to maintain a strong relationship.

Hence with the use of social media automation, it becomes quite easier to get things sorted and focus on other necessary tasks easier and more efficiently.
Different pros can help you to know the value of social media automation. Let us help you to know what all those are-

  • Help you to spend less time in scheduling post.
  • Enhances brand reach and maximises impression.
  • Allow brand to stay active on social media beyond the business hours.
  • Help businesses to analyse social data in real-time.

3. Seven Rules With Which Social Media Automation Comes

7 Rules With Which Social Media Automation Comes

Social media automation is no doubt one of the best ways to manage social media marketing (scheduling posts, sharing content etc).

However, in this manner brands can easily engage themselves with other marketing techniques as well.

But certain rules are associated with social media automation. Do you know what all those are? If not then here you will be able to explore all of those-

3.1 Must know your audience

Do not share everything, you need to be valuable with your audience. This means you need to be precisely what you share with users. Also do not share everything everywhere.

You must automate relevant content and help users to get engaged with it.
In this way, you can easily increase your brand presence and also can easily work upon your brand’s future goal.

3.2 You need to be consistent

When you are posting content for your brand you need to be unique. These means do not post the same content over and over. This can confuse your audience and also they will lack interest.

You must share information through your social media channel that can help your brand to grow. Also, this will happen when users get their desired information or they can easily connect with it.

3.3 Go with 5-3-2 rule

When you are working with social media marketing then it is essential to know the 5-3-2 rule. It makes your entire SMM marketing technique simple and easier.

Five means the content should be from others and that is relevant for your users.

Three indicates that content should be from you and is relevant for your audience

Two at last, indicates that content should be from a person that is not related to your work to help you and your brand in some or another way.

3.4 Manage to schedule at the best time

The right use of social media automation comes into play where you need to manage your post and interact with other marketing campaigns.

Automation helps brands to easily manage their different marketing activities and also focus on building relationships.

This means it helps to schedule and share your desired post at a specific time. In this manner, it becomes quite easier to share information with a specific user and for each network.

3.5 Do not schedule too far ahead

When you are about to schedule a post then keep in mind do not go too far. It means you need to keep track of your content so that it does not develop too much of a gap.

You need to walk with the market, latest news and also what users are in need to know at that present time. You must keep your post up to date and also leave some space for current events.

In this manner, you can easily manage to share information easily and also manage your day to day posting.

3.6 Customize to engage

When you share any post/content make sure that it should connect with your brand or be helpful to users. In this manner, it becomes quite easier for users to stay connected with your brand.

Also to make it happen you need to customize your social media page with different content. In this manner, it becomes easier for users to know about your brand/product/services and also other valuable information.

The use of social media automation is here that can help you to manage your content daily.

It helps you to customize your post for each type of customer.

3.7 Engage with your community

It is a good idea to make use of social media automation to schedule posts. It is mainly because it can share content to multiple social channels without hassle.

Brands make use of automation techniques when there are more to work upon.

This means engaging with other marketing techniques. But here you must also keep in mind that you need to engage with your users personally.
Automation steps can help you to schedule your post but it is always a good idea to interact with your users across the globe personally.

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4. Different Social Media Automation Tools

If we talk about different social media automation tools then there are 4 of those that can easily work for you.

4.1 Sprout social

Sprout social support on different social channels and can easily manage to post scheduling processes in advance.

This means it includes bulk content upload, curation, management of the entire process and analytics.

4.2 Buffer

Buffer works in the same manner that it can help brands to publish social media posts in one go.

It can easily manage multiple social media postings that include publishing content, monitoring of the team and it also has a feature to boost engagement.

4.3 SocialPilot

Its features include- bulk publishing, auto-publishing, analytics, and inbox moderation. The one social media automation tool also works similarly like others and includes different social media channels.

4.4 Hootsuite

It works with different features like content uploads, content curation, analytics, and team management.

Talking about such benefits, with SocioMee you can easily attain all of these in one place. Yes. you do not have to go anywhere to complete your requirements.

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5. Social Media Automation Strategy

There are different social media automation strategies that brands need to work upon. Once done it becomes quite simpler to get ahead with the process. So let us help you to know those steps.

Step 1 You need to decide which platform you need to automate

Step 2 Determine what you need to automate. This means you have different options here like (post scheduling, chatbots conversation, analytics report).

Step 3 Research different social media automation tools.

Step 4 Look at previous content to determine the optimum times to post.

Step 5 Determine what content format gets more engagements.

Step 6 Ensure to create content & content calendar

To Conclude

Social media automation is one of the easiest ways to manage your brand’s social media marketing. It helps brands to manage their posts easily and save a lot of time.

There are many such benefits with which automation techniques come. All you need is to determine what you are looking for and manage your content distribution accordingly.

But when it comes to getting benefits we all want to get them all in one place. In this way, work gets settled easily.

Therefore SocioMee is one of the platforms where you can get all perks in one place.
If you are looking to gain your brand presence then it is we who can help you. We can deliver all required benefits easily and most importantly conveniently.

In this manner as a business person, you can easily get time to look upon your different marketing goals/techniques.

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