Top 20 Social Media Post Ideas To Increase Brand Presence

Top 20 Social Media Post Ideas

With the help of the best social media app and different post ideas, it can increase brand presence. Have you ever undergone this particular thought?

Well, if you run a small or big business, you must have thought about it. It is mainly because to stand out in the market and to increase engagement/brand presence; it is necessary to post engaging and relevant content. Hence, post interesting content to allow users to reach your brand quickly.

The most challenging part of running social media campaigns is developing new ideas. It is mainly because users always wish to reach the best social media app or website to help them in their desired requirements.
Therefore if you cannot offer benefits according to users, then you can potentially lose your business.

Hence it is necessary to come up with engaging and different social media post ideas that can easily engage users and help your brand to gain presence.

Juggling With Social Media Post Ideas?

Marketers often juggle social profiles and keep them up to date/fresh. This means it becomes tough for some to manage new content updates. But your followers are hungry for fresh content or updates; if you circulate the old/boring content repeatedly, it becomes boring.

This is why brands are looking to own multiple social media post ideas. In this way, it becomes easier to run social media campaigns and keep followers up to date with fresh content.

Hence, if you are looking for what all of those can be, we are here to help you.

Below listed are the top 20 social media post ideas that can easily help brands increase engagement.

When you want to grow your brand presence, you must own an app first. It is mainly because social sharing app have become necessary for every business and user.
In this way, reaching users across the globe becomes quite more accessible. But in addition, different and engaging social media post ideas are also necessary.

So here, we can help you with different content ideas that can quickly help your brand to gain attention.

1. Run a contest or giveaways

Run a contest or giveaways

People worldwide love to undertake things when they come across the word FREE. This means even if they are not interested in certain things, this particular word compels them to attract.

Well, this is the fact; hence running a contest or giveaways is one of the most potent/impactful social media ideas.

It helps in engaging or attracting users quickly. It has been reported that 90% of the different social media posts can gain more than 1000 likes/followers with the help of a contest.
So running a contest or giveaways is one of the great ideas to increase brand presence and engage users.

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2.Create daily/weekly or monthly series

Create dailyweekly or monthly series
Brands must start creating a series daily/weekly, or monthly. This means it allows brands to connect with users or engage with them. Providing regular content/images makes engaging with users relatively easy.
For example, you can start with some series that can be cheating hype. When you make a series, engaging with users and developing one-on-one communication becomes more accessible.
Hence creating daily/weekly or monthly series is yet another powerful idea of social media posts.

3. Share or retweets

Share or retweets

Do not worry or be afraid of sharing other content apart from your own. It is good to share or retweet ideas of some other brands. Promoting other brands, articles, and photos of your followers is one of the great content ideas.

Sharing it shows that you are a part of the industry, and it is one of the other post ideas for your social media strategy. By exploring ideas, you can do so when you reach any other brand page and get an idea to share or retweet. It is not offensive or considered unethical.

Now and then, a new social media app comes, but users want to stay connected with the one who takes the challenge to do something unique. Hence brands nowadays need to consider different social media post ideas that can help brand engagement.

4. Create bite-sized video clips

Create bite-sized video clips

Video marketing has become a must for increasing brand presence. However many consider video marketing to be too complicated, but it is not so. Perhaps it has been seen that users connect more with video and hence help in increasing brand engagement.

Video gets more shares and likes, and brands must think about what they can present in their video. Create crisp content and sometimes keep video length short, so in this way, it becomes pretty easier to establish a brand and engage with increased reach

5. Team up with another brand

Team up with another brand

Co-marketing is known as a win-win condition. Two brands can easily team up and run campaigns or even host a webinar, share ebooks and sometimes event promotions. In this way, each company gets exposure to the other audience.

Social media is known as one of the ideal platforms for co-marketing as it is one of the easy ways to connect with different brands and users across.

In this case, you can look for a brand to a partner who is not your competitor but has the same target audience.

6. Develop how-to’s & tutorials

Develop how-to’s & tutorials
If you think that blog posts are the only place to get knowledge or update, then it is not so. Articles are an excellent way to share information step by step and deliver information. In this way, users show a keen interest in getting engaged or also stay connected for a long time.
For example, select one topic to share and break it down into multiple steps. Here you can create a video of any issue to help users understand things quickly and clearly.

7. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Host an AMA

AMA (Ask me anything) is yet another powerful approach to keep users connected, educate and engage followers. Ask me anything that deals with Q&A sessions where you get to share your knowledge, insights, and also experience.

When you start up within the industry, you must have specific struggles/thoughts and stories. You can share those experiences and connect with users’ points of view since such sessions can help you and your brand to scale.

8. Conduct a social media takeover

Conduct a social media takeover

Sometimes it is a good idea to hand over your brand to someone else. Now, we have many social media influencers that can easily help raise brand presence.

Hence handling your social media account with influencers with massive users, the reach will inject a new voice into your account.

If you think you are running short on social media post ideas, you can let someone else take charge of your account in connection with influencers and add flavor to your brand.

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9. Ask opinion about something

Ask opinion about something

If you are going to launch new products/services or run a marketing campaign feel free to ask your social media followers for assistance. This will make them feel a part of your company and you can connect with your followers in a definite manner.

However, you can easily use this post idea to increase your brand engagement. You can take feedback from your followers and make them connect more with your product/services.

10. Go live

Go Live

You must plan and go live, and this is simple. Well, to some, it might be tough to go live and connect with the audience. But it would help if you did not hesitate to communicate with your audience live.

This post idea is practical for staying connected with your users across the globe. People spend three times longer watching videos than pre-recorded ones.

So you must plan your day when you can go live and what topic you want to connect.

11. Give customers the spotlight

Give customers the spotlight

What can be the best way to give your customers a shoutout? In this case, you can go beyond resharing and start camping, which can easily highlight your customers.

Customers like to get involved when they get highlighted within the brand they are connected with. Hence you can plan or schedule such activities to make your brand flourish and increase engagement of your business.

12. Infographics

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One of the best ways to connect with the audience is to create infographics. This is mainly because this post idea has the broader opportunity to allow brands to gain a competitive edge/engagement.

If you share an article, you can cover those points in one and create infographics.

It is mainly because users want to get precise knowledge at times and what can be the best way to present it beyond infographics.

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13. Share meme

Social Media Share meme

Users get bored if you share the same content again and again. This means you need to be versatile when it comes to engaging users.

But how? In this case, you can share different memes according to your users interest or what is running on top. You can create different memes (funny) that can help users’ to connect with your brand while keeping up their interest. This can include funny posts apart from your regular post content.

14. Share trendy topics

Social Media Share trendy topics

Always stay on top and share trendy topics; it is one of the great ways to attract users across the globe. However, almost 90% of the users at present use social media. It is one of the desired platforms where users stay connected to gain the latest news and trendy topics no matter what category users are interested in.

Hence, if you tend to share the latest and trendy topics, users will be more likely to connect with your brand quickly and increase your presence.

15. Company blog post

Social Media Company blog post

If you are writing a new blog post for your business, then you must share it with your followers.

It is mainly because you are not writing it for yourself or just for your brand. The complete information you will cover will benefit users as well.

So you must ensure that after covering every detail, it is mandated to share the one with your followers. This way, users can quickly get to know your thoughts or the information you want to share.

16. Polls

SocioMee Social Media Poll

Try to create a poll; it is because almost all modern social community apps come with options to create polls. This means that you can put one question with a few of its answers and take a public opinion.

This is a great way to connect with users and get different responses. Here you can ask questions about your services/asking relevant feedback, general questions about the industry, or what users are interested in.

17. Funny post

SocioMee Social Media Funny post

It is always a good idea to share some funny posts. This helps users to explore different thoughts of yours and also makes them laugh. Sharing the same or old post content (information, news, or statistics) is unnecessary.

Sometimes going beyond your post content idea can help you. And here, one of those is to share a funny post.

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18. Industry statistics

SocioMee Industry statistics

Try to make a post that states interesting industry facts, updates, data, or statistics.

People love to know about what is happening across the industry, making them stay connected with your brand quickly and for a longer time.

19. Behind the scene

Behind the scene

Brand present people. This means giving your followers a sneak peek of what is happening behind them. This means you can take a snapshot or make a small video of your company working or what employees are doing.

This creates a massive interest among followers to stay connected with the brand. Also, this is an exciting way to increase reach and awareness.

20. Customer reviews

Customer reviews

If you are tired of posting the same old/boring content, you must start giving a shot at the idea mentioned above. It is mainly because users now want to connect with a brand that is up to date and post something unique. It gives users a chance to stay connected with the brand and gain a massive following.There are different social media post content ideas that brands can take and help them grow their presence.


If you are tired of posting the same old/boring content then you must start giving a shot of the above-mentioned idea. It is mainly because at present users want to connect with a brand that is up to date and post something unique. It in turn gives a chance to users to stay connected with the brand and also gain a massive following.

There are different social media post content ideas that brands at present can take and help them to grow their presence.

We have shared with you different post ideas with which you can begin increasing your brand presence. As a social app, we have all of these benefits that you can gain with us.

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