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SocioMee Messenger – The Complete Guide For Businesses

The Complete Guide For Businesses

SocioMee is one of the platforms where people can reform their identity and so as their businesses. It is mainly because there are many benefits that these benefits can serve. One of those is the messenger facility.

“SocioMee messenger is now the preferred way to talk to customers and has been used by millions of businesses to draw the attention of customers to their brand.”

SocioMee has come up with advanced features and benefits. Let us know what all those are?

1.What Is SocioMee Messenger?

SocioMee messenger is a dedicated SocioMee messaging app/platform that has advanced and innovative features. SocioMee messenger allows one to remain connected with family, clients, friends, business partners, customers, and also get the attention of new customers.

It supports-

  • text messaging
  • video and voice calls
  • and group calls as well

This great platform allows its users to personalize their experience by selecting or choosing their choice of chat themes, stickers as well as customers’ reactions via avatars.

Businesses now can easily use the facility to answer clients’ or customers’ questions and as the best channel of platform for their brand advertisement. SocioMee messenger is free to use by anyone with a SocioMee account.

2.How Does SocioMee Messenger Work?

How Does SocioMee Messenger Work

SocioMee allows you to send and receive messages and calls by using an easy and instant manner. By this means it’s virtually free to use and perfect or an ideal for international calling as well.

There are no sign-up fees and you do not need data plan allowances. SocioMee holds so many functions more than just a text messaging app. Below are some core features available on SocioMee.

2.1  Voice And Video calls

To complement voice calls, SocioMee also allows users to make video calls, this includes group calls, which permits up to ten(10) participants in one call.

2.2  Voice Messaging

You can freely and conveniently record and send voice messages to individual chats or even group chats. This is to assist users who feel like not texting or typing messages

2.4  Secure Messaging

SocioMee uses end-to-end encryption, this is a secure communication standard where only the people who are messaging can read the messages(sender and recipient).

2.5  Photo And Video Sharing

It allows all its users to send videos, photos, emojis, and GIFs without being disturbed that your image will be pixelated or not downloadable, which can occasionally happen across SMS messages between different mobile platforms( Android and iOS) and wireless carriers.

2.6  Documents Sharing

SocioMee allows you to send any kinds of documents, such as slideshows, PDFs, docs, and spreadsheets without all the hassle of email or separate document-sharing apps.

2.7 Desktop Access

SocioMee offers a desktop version available for MAC and PC.

2.8  SocioMee Business

SocioMee designed the business version and dedicated it to entrepreneurs to showcase their brands and products with their customers on a platform that’s familiar, efficient, effective, and convenient.

3.Getting Started With SocioMee

To get started using SocioMee, you will need to download the app from the Apple App store for those using iPhone and from the Google play store for those using Android phones.

You can easily download the app with your preferred phone number and create your account. You need to create a user name, but there are no special usernames required – it’s your choice. SocioMee identifies you by your number as well.

Any of your saved phone contacts who use SocioMee are added automatically to your SocioMee contact list.

4.Sending Messages And Joining groups

You can start sending messages through SocioMee either to individual contacts or groups as soon as you have finished setting up your SocioMee account.

To start chatting on SocioMee is easy, all you need to do is select the chats icon from the menu and select the New chat icon after that select the contact you wish to chat with. You can also host or create a group chat with more than 200 participants and send the group link to people who wish to join or the admin can add people that need to be added.

5.Making Voice And Video Calls

Making Voice And Video Calls

In addition to SMS or text messages, you can also make free video or voice calls on SocioMee.

There are several ways to make calls on SocioMee although you can only place a call from the mobile app version of SocioMee, not the desktop version. You can place individual calls or group calls in both video or audio for free on SocioMee.

6.Sharing Photos And Other Media

SocioMee is a very convenient and free channel to send all types of media to your family and friends.

You are allowed to send videos, images of any kind through any group or individual chat.

The image will maintain its original resolution quality. The following are files you can send on SocioMee:

GIFs : There are different ways to send a GIF in SocioMee. The simplest is to select a GIF from within SocioMee’s internal memory.

Documents : With SocioMee you can send documents such as text documents, PDFs, Docs up to 100MB.

Files : SocioMee supports all types of files ranging from Zip archives to HTML.

Sending Voice Message : In any group or individual chats on SocioMee, you can send voice messages.

7.Benefits Of Using SocioMee Messenger For Business

Benefits Of Using SocioMee

Have you been thinking about using SocioMee messenger for business? Below are some of the key or major benefits:

7.1 Provide Quality Customers

It is expected that your business should be always available and online due to the trending technology. So many customers expect to message customer care service of their choice of business and get a reply any time of the day. While some expect to message businesses to make purchases.

Below is how customers or other people use SocioMee messenger.

7.2 Build trust

Your company will be easier to trust if it is open to customers and involves them in dialogue.

Ensure not to tarnish your reputation before your customers because for you to gain trust depends on it.
Customers prefer to purchase from businesses they can trust and can easily approach. This can be made possible only on SocioMee Messenger.

7.3 Generate Good And High-Quality Leads

An opportunity is created for your business to follow up anytime someone reaches out to you on SocioMee messenger.

Each conversation you have with a customer allows you to know vital information about those customers which will assist you to build a long-term relationship.

7.4 Increase Intention To Buy

Remember we said messaging or responding to your customers’ questions helps you to gain their trust.

If gaining their trust makes it very easy for them(customers) to purchase your products, why don’t you try your best in that aspect?

Statistics show that over 60% of customers said they are likely to buy products from businesses they can easily reach through chat. SocioMee has proven to be effective in this aspect.

Using SocioMee messenger helps to make the question-and-answer exchange very simple. Your business can as well help its customers to make their shopping decisions.

7.5 Take Sensitive Topics Private

SocioMee messenger is an outstanding platform for conversations that are meant to be private. Chatting with Customers one-on-one proves to them that you care about them and know their needs. It also shows you value their patronage.

Creating time to attend to questions that your customers are shy to ask in public is proof of your loyalty to them.

8.How To Set Up SocioMee Messenger For Business?

Every SocioMee page includes access to messenger. Below are steps are taken to create a SocioMee page:

8.1 Ensure messenger is enabled

Every SocioMee page includes access to messenger. Below are steps are taken to create a SocioMee page:

  • Click general settings
  • Enabled people to contact your on-page privately

8.2 Create a SocioMee Messenger username and link

Your SocioMee Messenger link appears before your page’s username (in front). Check the messaging tab in the general settings to find this link. It is good to add the link to your website, email, and any other place you so wish.

8.3 Add A Send Message Button To Your Page

It is necessary to add a button to your page which involves sending a Message which means a call to action. Below is how you can conveniently add a send message button to your SocioMee page:

  • Click on + Add a button below your cover photo pages. You can always make changes if you have a button on your page already by clicking on edit.
  • Choose contact after you can click next.
  • Select messenger under step2 and finally click on finish.

8.4 Write A Greeting

A customized message someone receives whenever they open a message thread is known as SocioMee Messenger greetings. This message shows up when the first message is sent. Below are the steps are taken to write a greeting on SocioMee Messenger:

  • Click the page’s general settings and choose messaging
  • Scroll down and activate a messenger greeting
  • Click change to edit the greetings
  • For your greeting to include Some elements such as the customer’s name, your SocioMee page link, your business phone number, your website
  • Click on save after you are through.

8.5 Set Up Instant Reply

Instant reply can be used to create an automatic first response for new messages. These messages are used to share timeframe SocioMee can expect a response in:

  • Setting>>> select Messages
  • Select or activate automated responses
  • Click instant reply
  • Customize your message by pressing edit

9. Responses For Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Common questions can be easily answered. Below is how you can easily create responses for your frequently asked questions on SocioMee Messenger:

  • Select inbox
  • activate Automated responses
  • Click on Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Select edit
  • Add a question and fill out responses
  • You can add images to your page which can involve your logo or your choice of image(optional)
  • Add customer’s name, a link to your SocioMee website or page, your phone number, or admin’s name by selecting Add personalization
  • You can now save your reply

10. Schedule Automatic Away Messages

The activeness of your business still keeps your SocioMee manager, but the moment your business is closed, your social manager will go away.

But always keeping your SocioMee active and running will keep your business booming, SocioMee makes your customers stick to you and always patronize you. SocioMee gives you the chance to create away Messages. Check below to create away messages on SocioMee messenger.

  • Click settings on your page and then select the message.
  • Select and set up automated responses.
  • Choose away messages.
  • Select edit to edit the messages you wish to send to customers.
  • If you wish to be away for some time, set the schedule and select save.

Download SocioMee messenger today and start enjoying the incredible advantages that come with it for the growth of your business and constant communication with all your customers all around the world. It offers details and more features and customization than normal SMS messaging.

Also by undergoing camping like Indiegogo and Kickstarter sociomee entire ideology can be easily determined. However here your equal participation can help a community to grow even at wider scale.


SocioMee is on the mission to shape modern communications and help billions of people to constantly keep in touch with family, friends, and their loved ones.

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