Tips To Write A Powerful Mission Statement For Your Business

Tips To Write A Powerful Mission Statement For Your Business

At some point in time, you must have encountered one business and think what they do? How do they do it or what is their fundamental purpose? Before beginning with any business and their services it is very necessary to understand their complete business cycle and how well they can serve you.

There is a need for you as a user to get every knowledge about the business you are going to approach. The brand or businesses we connect serve more than just their services or products and by this we mean:

  • How do they interact with customers?
  • The community they have supported in past or at present.
  • How did they develop their business?

However, there is no better way for businesses to showcase their purpose than the help of a well-written mission statement. Therefore being a modern social community app we will here help you to understand how you can make a powerful mission statement for your business and in turn gain profits.

Now let us help you to understand the mission statement? How can you build a powerful mission statement for your brand?

  1. What is a mission statement?

What is a mission statement
A mission statement is known as a simple action statement that can easily help you to explain your company’s purpose. On the other hand, it does explain the general information about your organisation, its core function and its goals. Hence depending upon your business purpose you can easily prepare your mission statement.

A mission statement perfectly defines the clarity behind the “what” “who “ &“why” of your company. Also, a mission statement does not exceed more than 100 words. Therefore a single sentence makes a lasting impression on users and helps your brand.

You must ensure that your company’s mission statement is thoroughly circulated within your employees, recruitment team and your audience. In this way it becomes easier to accomplish your goals.

As the best social media app you can easily help your business to get started and make it shine with us. It is because we give you an opportunity to grow your business with some extraordinary benefits that no one channel is offering you. However you can begin with building your business by giving it a powerful mission statement.

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  1. What is a vision statement?

Talking about the vision statement, it simply means what is the vision of your company. It means what your company aspires to be and hence in this way you can easily help your audience to know about your goals.

However, vision statements are not only used in businesses, nonprofits or government offices but it can be used by different industries across. In addition to this a vision statement is not set and they can also be returned/revised as necessary. Any changes should be minimal and as the statement is a guideline for a company strategic plan.

Hence mission and vision statements are two of those important parts of company’s and help in achieving goals. But mainly here we are to help to let you know briefly about the mission statement.

  1. Need of mission statement for businesses

A well crafted mission statement for businesses is helpful for business, workers and the target audience. It served as a desired framework.

Creating a great mission statement can easily help you to serve some important functions. First and foremost it helps to keep track of your business.

However there is a need for you to set a statement that can easily help to make your business flourish. Hence a mission statement is the foundation of every business and this includes:

  • To give direction to your business planning.
  • Helps in evaluation of performance.
  • Helps in offering guidance to workers.
  • Ensuring to all of the company stakeholders working in same direction.
  • It also gives employees a sense of identity

Note: Whenever you are writing a mission statement for your business ensure that it has a strong command. It is not only meant for you, your employees, or also for you customers but also it holds an impact on the potential investors. Therefore you must write a strong statement to enhance your business presence.

  1. What to include in your mission statement?

Your mission statement should be unique as per your business. Hence you must think something out of the box. Hence to make it meaningful, with purpose and to attract users across there are different points that can help you. At the time of writing a mission statement it is very necessary to include- how your company serves your customers, employees, owners, community and the world.

  • What are your company offerings.
  • Company core value.
  • How company offerings align with the core value.
  • Combine what, who and why all together.

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  1. Tips to write a powerful mission statement for your brand

Powerful mission statement for your brand1

Before giving you detailed information let us help you understand a quick description about what to include at the time of writing a mission statement.

Now let us help you to explain in detail how to write a mission statement for your business.

5.1 Start with market defining story

A good and well-defined marketing strategy will help your brand to reach more and more users. It means it should simply explain why to reach the particular brand (it defines the target audience and buyer’s persona).

On the other side, it should define how your business is different from others and what makes it more compelling for customers to reach you than your competitor.

At the time of defining your mission statement, you must think like a common person (like how they will think and why they will reach you). In this way, you can easily help you to know what you have to begin with and how to write a statement. There is a need for you to keep the above scenario in mind for writing an engaging mission statement.

5.2 Define what your business does for your customers

Always start writing your mission statement with what good you do. To make this happen well you can make use of your marketing defining strategy. Speaking about your brand is always an initiative to promote your business across the globe.

Also you are not here to undervalue your business, always try to pull out good points and highlight them all across. So if you are offering something good or valuable to your customers then never hesitate to tell your brand story to your users. The more you will express about your brand the more you will be able to reach your customer and with strong command.

If your mission is something different and good for the world then you must include your idea here. But here you must be meaningful and also able to answer any query generated from the customers side.

There are many companies that have revolutionized their business with a strong grasp over the customers. It is mainly with the help of their strong ideas.

5.3 Define what your business does for employees

One of the very strong steps that need to be considered at the time of writing a mission statement is what you do for your employees? It is because when you will do good for your employees then you will be able to achieve good for your business.

Companies all around the globe, think about their profits and also take care of employees. However, the case, where when you will do good you will in turn be good.

This is also implemented for your business. After all, company culture matters a lot. Hence a mission statement can define what your company offers to employees. Therefore at the time, you are writing a mission statement for your business to ensure that you should explain what valuable things you are offering to your employees.

Try to be honest here, because this is what will make you step ahead in future. Different qualities matter the most – fairness, diversity, respect for ideas and creativity, training, tools, and also empowerment.

5.4 You must add what your business serves to the owner

When you are starting any business the main goal is to achieve success. However, you cannot achieve success overnight and hence you need to work hard work all day and night.

Hence you have to work hard to serve you the benefits along with all the people associated with you. You must think how your value of stock can be increased and what profits can serve you as a business person.

In the starting of business it is not possible to achieve growth and some instant cash flow.

However instant cash flow is not possible until and unless you give your 100%, however there is also a state where you need to have some patience as well. But once you have created a definite working environment, happy workers then it becomes quite easier to achieve goals.

You will also see that most of the mission statement is also outfacing, aimed to face customers and nobody else. Therefore this should also not be the case, as a business owner you must take care of everything. This in turn makes your mission statement a more powerful one.

5.5 Discuss, review & revise

When you are developing your mission statement then you must undertake many things. In turn, mission statements do serve many functions and also define many objectives.
You must start developing a mission statement for internal use and this is very essential.

You must at first focus on your business, your workers. Many companies have differentiated segments for writing mission statements. By categorising your statement you must make use of bullets to enhance your statement. Many people always confuse mission with vision and hence here you need to be very precise.

Ensure that your mission statement will work for your business and make it a huge hit. Therefore you must think and write statements in such a manner that can help users to understand your business, your goals and what profits you can serve to customers all across.

Being a new social media app, we help you to explore many benefits that can easily help your business to grow and accomplish all goals. We can be one of the powerful platforms for your business to help raise its value across the globe easily.

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  1. Example of mission statement

  • American Express: Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations.

American express companies are different from others, this means from other credit card companies by delivering exceptional customer service that is something on top for users.

  • IKEA: The company offers well-designed home furnishing products at a very affordable price so that every person can easily bring them home.

Workers at IKEA dream big, and they have their words that say- “as many people as possible” makes a huge company like IKEA much more accessible and appealing to customers.

  • InvisionApp: Think Deeply. Iterate as a Lifestyle. Details, Details. Design is Everywhere. Integrity.

There are different B2B companies you will find and their pages look the same but when it comes to Invision apps then they have something cooler to show you.

  1. Avoid difficulties at the time of writing mission statement

Avoid difficulties at the time of writing mission statement

As per the research it has been found that there are many companies who have uncertain mission statements. This means they are confusing and not able to deliver the right meaning within it.

In short they are meaningless, and hence you need to keep in mind to avoid such mistakes. Hence here we will help you to know what steps you need to avoid and how to write a meaningful mission statement for your business.

7.1 You need to be accurate

One of the most common steps that you need to keep in mind at the time of writing a mission statement is to be “accurate”. If you will not present your mission clearly then it will be confusing to users and also will lay you down.

Hence try not to be confusing instead of accurate in your thoughts. Do not include only words that sound good, but it should have some meaning also. If you do that you will end up with a catch mission statement.

If you will not present an accurate mission then you will end up losing in a confusing audience and this can be harmful.

7.2 Try to be realistic

It is very good to be ambitious but at the same time you need to be realistic as well. If a mission statement or goal is not clearly mentioned then it will end up in confusing workers and also the users. On the other hand it will also end up demoralising workers that they do not have a worthy future with the organisation.

Therefore alway remember that when you are writing a mission statement then you need to be realistic. Hence in this case you can easily grab users attention and also make your business work easily and reach on top.

7.3 Be different from others

Writing a generic mission statement will always help you to be different from others. However everyone tries to be different from each other and you should be. When you will come out in a unique manner then you will be able to differentiate yourself from others. Also this will help you to stand out in competition.

Mission statement is the identity of your business and hence you must follow all of the above steps to make it clear, concise and also accurate. However, as a social sharing app SocioMee will help you to get all necessary information with which you can make your mission statement strong.

On the other hand, we can easily offer you different advantages that can make your business grow and reach potential customers across the globe. It is because we have a wide range of benefits to serve you and help you to reach your future goals with ease and comfort.

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