What is the ad creation process within SocioMee?

At the time you want to create an ad then you have to undertake different steps and those are:

Step 1: Choose the ad marketing option

  1. Brand awareness that includes the cost per view.
  2. Include website link (that means CPC cost per click).
  3. Video Views- (means CPV Cost per view )
  4. Lead Generation- (means CPL Cost per Lead ) filled form with AD.

Step 2: Choose the ad type Once you have completed the above information then the next step is to choose the ad type:

  1. Single Image Ad
  2. Carousel Image Ad ( means user can add multiple images ) limit 10
  3. Video Ad
  4. Full-Screen Video Ad

Step 3: Choose your audience

In this step, you have to choose your desired audience to which you want to target the ad.

  1. Audience Preference: A default saved list of the target audience which the user has used in the past.
  2. Target Gender: The user has to choose their target gender initially. There are males, females, others, and all.
  3. Target Age Range: Users can select an age range between 13- and 100 years by using the scroller.
  4. Target Profession: Ad creators can target the audience of a particular profession that users have added to their profile.
  5. Target Interest: Ad creators can target audiences based on the interests that they have entered while creating ads.
  6. Target location: Creators can target the audience by location as well.

Step 4: In this, you have to decide the ad budget and duration (how long your ad will run). Once you have decided then you can review the particular form before submitting it. This particular form will contain:

  1. Daily ad budget: The daily ad expense that users want to spend on an ad daily.
  2. Ad starting and end date: The duration from and to the date on which users want to run their ads.
  3. Total amount to be paid: This will be calculated based on days and daily budget which the user has filled in the above two columns.

Step 5: Preview the ad

Once you have completed all the related sections then the last step you have to follow is to preview the ad. In this case, you have to thoroughly check the information you have filled in. Once you have cross-checked each one of those then you can run your ad.