What makes the SocioMee group beneficial?

SocioMee can have an infinite number of members and users can create both private and public groups. A super admin will have all the powers to edit every detail instead of deleting it. In addition, there are a number of benefits that the SocioMee group delivers and those are:

Group manager

Group will have a super admin that can easily access every feature except delete it.

Different post type

Group users can post different types of posts such as text, media, podcast, recommendation, threat, thought, event, blog, poll and sell.

Invite members

Members can invite others (their following and followers) to join the group.

Availability of sections

Group main screen has 3 sections namely:

  1. Discussion- Will show all posts in grid view and tapping any post will open it in a single post view.
  2. About- It will show group details that will contain group summary, members admins, super admin, and managers.
  3. Members- It will display the list of all members along with super admin on the top followed by admin.