When User Opt To Delete Comment On Their Posts

The Social Feed Feature on SocioMee is a way for users to share their thoughts and feelings about their chronic illness or condition in a safe and supportive environment. With this feature, users can post messages, photos, and videos that relate to their condition, as well as comment and like other posts.

What Happens When a User Deletes a Comment from Any Post? 

When a user deletes a comment from any post, the comment will be permanently removed from the post. The comment will also be removed from any notifications that have been sent to the user about the comment. The user will also no longer be able to view the comment in their Social Feed.

How Can I Keep Track of Comments I Make on Posts?

In order to keep track of the comments you make on posts, you can use the “Comments” tab in your Profile. This tab will show all of the comments you have made on posts, as well as any comments that have been made on your posts.

What Other Features Does the Social Feed Feature Offer?

In addition to allowing users to post and comment on posts, the Social Feed Feature offers a number of other features. These include:

  • The ability to follow other users in order to see their posts in your Social Feed
  • The ability to create and join Groups related to your condition
  • The ability to control who can see your posts by adjusting the privacy settings
  • The ability to report posts that violate the SocioMee Community Guidelines

By using these features, users can connect with other people who share their condition and create a supportive and understanding community